Are you achieving your full career potential?

By Chuck Bentley

I read a fascinating study by Professor Tony Wagner of the Harvard Graduate School of Education called “Overcoming the Global Achievement Gap.” What is that gap, you may be asking? The Global Achievement Gap is the gap between what even our best schools are teaching and testing versus the skills all students will need for careers, college, and citizenship in the 21st century.

are you achievng your full career potential

You see, the problem is that we are teaching and testing on lots of subjects but missing some of the basic skills that are essential to achieve our full career potential. Professor Wagner’s book goes into detail about the Seven Survival Skills.

Some of those are….

Critical Thinking
Leading by Influence
Curiosity & Imagination

Here is why this is great news for you: Regardless of your current education or career or profession, these skills are applicable to help you perform better at work and achieve your God-given potential. If you find that any or even one of them does not come natural to you, ask God to help you improve in that skill. For instance, God can give wisdom, insight, courage, curiosity, imagination, and initiative. These skills can become your greatest career assets.

A friend of mine served on a council of top engineers and scientists. The highly educated group was stumped about a complex engineering problem. My friend bowed his head in the meeting and asked God to help him find the answer to the challenge. After praying silently, he said he received a clue from God that led him to solve the mystery. He credits God with improving his critical thinking skills and his career progress.

Originally posted 6/8/2015.