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Why You Should Keep Your Car Tank Half Full… All the Time

by Chuck Bentley March 2, 2017

Alan Marcus, in an article at, recommends keeping your tank at least half full at all times.

First of all, he says, if there’s ever a disaster in your area, the need to evacuate quickly, a pipeline break, or power outages, you will be able to drive for a while.

But he gives some other reasons. You are less likely to get stranded.

keep your tank half fullCondensation can build up in near-empty gas tanks when it’s very cold and cause your fuel line to freeze rendering your car unable to start. A near empty gas tank can collect water vapor. This can rust the inside of a metal tank. Or, it can mix with fuel and reduce the efficiency of your vehicle whether you have metal or plastic tanks.

Condensation and evaporation causes water to build up in gas when cars rest overnight or for long periods of time. So, when the car is started, water is the first thing to enter the fuel pump. This can make it harder on the starter, causing it to wear out sooner. The life of the fuel pump decreases, because water does not lubricate and keep it cooler like gasoline.

Fuel injectors are damaged over time. Rust formed by the water vapor tends to sink to the bottom of the tank. Small amounts of debris on the bottom of the tank can be drawn into the fuel pump and plug the filters.

I doubt you enjoy filling up the tank. But, if you put it off to avoid spending the money, you may simply be costing yourself more money in the long run! Don’t wait for the warning light! Save maintenance costs and never get stranded on the side of the road.

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