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Paying off debt is like eating an elephant…

by Chuck Bentley July 9, 2015

…it can only be done one bite at a time.

Over the years, I have known thousands of folks who have become debt free. I have never met anyone who regretted it. True debt is borrowing money that you have no way of paying back. It is debt backed by nothing more than your commitment or integrity. That is debt you want to get rid of first. Here is how you do it.

paying off debt

Take the first bite out of the elephant by saving $1000. That needs to be done before you start paying off any debt. You need an emergency account, which is a cushion to help you stop falling back on credit cards or borrowing from friends, family, or the church. Put $1000 away, even if it is in a cookie jar at home. Save $1000 cash.

The next bite out of the elephant is to pay off your most expensive debt first. That is the debt with the highest interest. That is the debt costing you the most money. If you owe a title lender or a payday lender or any credit account that is charging you high interest rates, get out of that trap as soon as possible! Those forms of borrowing are created to enslave you and should never be used again.

The third bite out of the elephant is to use the money that is now available from paying off the first debt to pay off the next debt.

Don’t forget. Every worthwhile goal you attempt will be met with resistance and obstacles. Pray and ask God to give you patience, endurance, and faith that you will not stop until you are debt free. Ready to go? Take that first bite, then chew, chew, chew until you are free of that elephant of debt!

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