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Ask Chuck: How to Get Out of the Timeshare Trap
by Chuck Bentley | September 13, 2019
Dear Chuck, My husband and I purchased a timeshare years ago. We used it for a time, but, we...
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Ask Chuck: Reshaping the American Dream
by Chuck Bentley | September 6, 2019
Dear Chuck, Watching the news lately makes me question the American Dream. In a disaster, things suddenly lose their...
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Ask Chuck: How to Build Emergency Savings
by Chuck Bentley | August 30, 2019
Dear Chuck, I make a good salary but am unable to build my emergency savings beyond $1,000. It seems...
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Ask Chuck: Should I Co-Sign a Loan?
by Chuck Bentley | August 23, 2019
Dear Chuck, So, I cosigned for a student loan and now I’m stuck paying for it. Is there anything...
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Ask Chuck: How Do I Financially Prepare My Child for College?
by Chuck Bentley | August 16, 2019
Dear Chuck, I’ve tried to prepare my daughter to handle money responsibly while she’s away at college. But, I’m...
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Ask Chuck: Should I Postpone My Honeymoon?
by Chuck Bentley | August 9, 2019
Dear Chuck, I want to plan a honeymoon for my autumn wedding. But, with student loans and car debt,...
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Ask Chuck: Recovering From Overwhelming Medical Debt
by Chuck Bentley | August 2, 2019
Dear Chuck, Our medical bills are huge this year. We chose a high deductible to keep our monthly insurance...
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Ask Chuck: The Cost of Kids
by Chuck Bentley | July 26, 2019
Dear Chuck, I am engaged to a man who recently declared he would prefer we not have children. He...
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Ask Chuck: New Car Before Baby?
by Chuck Bentley | July 12, 2019
Dear Chuck, My husband and I drive older, paid-for cars. His is 11 years old and mine is 9....
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Ask Chuck: Breaking the Cycle of Overspending
by Chuck Bentley | July 5, 2019
Dear Chuck, My husband is tired of my overspending. I struggle living on the budget he’s made because I...
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