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4 Tips for Buying a Car on Craigslist
by Chuck Bentley | October 7, 2016
Dear Chuck,  Should I buy a car from Craigslist? There seems to be a lot of great deals from...
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3 Tips on Money & Divorce from Baywatch
by Chuck Bentley | July 15, 2016
Originally posted at Christian Post July 15, 2016. Dear Chuck, I saw recently that the former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff headed...
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3 Ways to Recover From Mistakes at Work
by Chuck Bentley | July 8, 2016
Originally posted at Christian Post July 08, 2016. Dear Chuck,  I’m embarrassed to say that I really messed up at work....
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5 Things Jesus Wants to See On Your Resume
by Chuck Bentley | June 10, 2016
Dear Chuck, For so many of us looking for work, the first step always seems to be to get...
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3 Tips to Make Your Expensive College Education Count
by Chuck Bentley | May 27, 2016
Originally posted at Christian Post May 27, 2016. Dear Chuck, With kids in college, I’m very worried about whether they can...
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5 Tips for Staying Safe on Craigslist
by Chuck Bentley | April 29, 2016
Originally posted at Christian Post April 29, 2016. Dear Chuck, I’m a little afraid of selling things on the Internet. This...
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4 Better Ways to Use Your Tax Refund
by Chuck Bentley | April 16, 2016
Dear Chuck, Procrastinators Unite! This weekend, my husband and I will be crashing on our tax returns, due Monday,...
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