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Ask Chuck Breaking Financial Strongholds
Ask Chuck: Breaking Financial Strongholds
by Chuck Bentley | April 5, 2024
Dear Chuck, I am 32 years old and a fairly new believer. I am depressed by my poor handling...
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Ask Chuck Financial Advice For Unwanted Divorce 
Ask Chuck: Financial Advice for Unwanted Divorce 
by Chuck Bentley | March 29, 2024
Dear Chuck, My husband is seeking a divorce. I am in shock and not sure how I will survive...
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Ask Chuck Setting Up An Emergency Fund 
Ask Chuck: Setting up an Emergency Fund 
by Chuck Bentley | March 22, 2024
Dear Chuck, I’ve never had an emergency fund. My parents always helped when I got in a bind. Recently,...
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Ask Chuck Make Good Use Of Your Tax Refund
Ask Chuck: Make Good Use of Your Tax Refund
by Chuck Bentley | March 8, 2024
Dear Chuck, I am so excited because we’re getting a significant tax refund this year! What are the best...
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Ask Chuck Tips For Saving Money On Income Taxes
Ask Chuck: Tips for Saving Money on Income Taxes
by Chuck Bentley | March 1, 2024
Dear Chuck, We have always filed our taxes taking the standard deduction. A friend at church suggested I might...
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Ask Chuck Are Casino Resorts A Good Family Reunion Destination
Ask Chuck: Are Casino Resorts a Good Family Reunion Destination?
by Chuck Bentley | February 23, 2024
Dear Chuck, My brother wants to have a family reunion at a casino resort. He thinks it is a...
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Ask Chuck Helping Others Break Their Financial Dependency 
Ask Chuck: Helping Others Break Their Financial Dependency 
by Chuck Bentley | February 16, 2024
Dear Chuck, I serve on the benevolence committee at my church. Inflation seems to be a common issue. How...
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Ask Chuck Retirement Housing And Elderly Parents
Ask Chuck: Retirement Housing and Elderly Parents
by Chuck Bentley | February 9, 2024
Dear Chuck, Based on the high cost of retirement housing, we’re considering building an ADU on our property for...
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Ask Chuck Helping A Friend With Their Financial Stress 2
Ask Chuck: Frugal February Can Change Your Life
by Chuck Bentley | February 2, 2024
Dear Chuck, Last year was the first time I had ever heard of Frugal February. Our family of four...
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Ask Chuck Helping A Friend With Their Financial Stress
Ask Chuck: Helping a Friend with Their Financial Stress
by Chuck Bentley | January 26, 2024
Hey Chuck, I work with someone who is under a great deal of financial stress. It’s beginning to affect...
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