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Ask Chuck Helping A Friend With Their Financial Stress 2
Ask Chuck: Frugal February Can Change Your Life
by Chuck Bentley | February 2, 2024
Dear Chuck, Last year was the first time I had ever heard of Frugal February. Our family of four...
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Ask Chuck Helping A Friend With Their Financial Stress
Ask Chuck: Helping a Friend with Their Financial Stress
by Chuck Bentley | January 26, 2024
Hey Chuck, I work with someone who is under a great deal of financial stress. It’s beginning to affect...
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Ask Chuck Stewardship Tips For A Happy New Year
Ask Chuck: Stewardship Tips for a Happy New Year
by Chuck Bentley | December 29, 2023
Dear Chuck, Thank you for the lessons you bring us each week and how you tie them back to...
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Ask Chuck #girlmath Makes Financial Pain Look Fun
Ask Chuck: #GirlMath Makes Financial Pain Look Fun
by Chuck Bentley | December 15, 2023
Dear Chuck, “Girl Math” sounds humorous and fun to justify some crazy spending, but I think it is actually...
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Ask Chuck Generosity And Priorities At Christmas
Ask Chuck: Generosity and Priorities at Christmas
by Chuck Bentley | December 1, 2023
Dear Chuck, Christmas is my favorite holiday because of the focus on giving. My husband and I want to...
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Ask Chuck How To Have A Debt Free Christmas
Ask Chuck: How to Have a Debt-Free Christmas
by Chuck Bentley | November 24, 2023
Dear Chuck, Inflation has hurt our family. We have very little money to spend on Christmas gifts this year....
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Ask Chuck A Plan To Overcome Financial Hopelessness
Ask Chuck: A Plan to Overcome Financial Hopelessness
by Chuck Bentley | November 17, 2023
Dear Chuck, I’ve made many bad decisions that have negatively impacted my family financially. There are days when I...
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Ask Chuck Avoid Rental Car Ripoffs
Ask Chuck: Avoid Rental Car Ripoffs
by Chuck Bentley | October 20, 2023
Dear Chuck, My car rental company did not have a vehicle available, even though I made a reservation weeks...
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Ask Chuck Comfortable But Fragile With No Savings
Ask Chuck: Comfortable but Fragile with No Savings
by Chuck Bentley | October 6, 2023
Dear Chuck, I know I need to save, but I just can’t. I make good money but find that...
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Ask Chuck What Is Financial Freedom
Ask Chuck: What Is Financial Freedom?
by Chuck Bentley | September 29, 2023
Dear Chuck, Can you explain what you mean by financial freedom? Are you using the term in place of...
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