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Most Americans Live Paycheck to Paycheck

by Chuck Bentley September 6, 2017

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? A recent report from CareerBuilder found that 78% of full-time workers live paycheck to paycheck, and 71% of full-time workers are in debt.

Of these full-time workers, almost 10% of them make over a hundred thousand dollars a year, and they’re still living paycheck to paycheck every month.

This kind of financial strain is not the way God created us to live. When you are counting down the days until your next payday, anxious every time you buy groceries or pay your water bill, you’re letting your money control you.

Instead, you need to switch your mindset and recognize yourself as a manager, not an owner, of all you have.

Think of it like this: if you had to hire someone to manage your finances, what would you look for? What kind of habits or characteristics would you seek out? This person will be solely responsible for every cent you spend – what questions would you ask them in an interview?

Now ask yourself – would you hire someone else to handle your money the way you’re handling it now? I don’t know about you, but I’d be pretty frustrated if the person I hired to manage my money couldn’t make it last every month. If they had to depend on my credit card for daily living, I think I’d find a new manager!

This is how we should see ourselves every day – managers, hired by God Himself, responsible for the time, talent, and treasure He gives us.

Our resources here on earth are not for us to squander away or use for our own benefit. We won’t get to take our house, clothes, or car with us to heaven – so instead of building those things up on earth, think of your money as a resource to build the Kingdom while you’re on earth. Use your money for things of eternal, not earthly, value.

That may mean getting into the habit of saving so you can quit relying on your credit card. Perhaps you should start investing to grow your resources and give more. God may be prompting you to form a habit of giving sacrificially.

Regardless, commit to get your priorities in order. Remember to give to God first (tithe), pay yourself second (save), and pay everyone else third (spend).

Whether you make $100,000 or $10,000 a year doesn’t matter to God – what matters is how faithfully you are managing what you do have.

I know finances can be stressful, but you can experience true freedom with the strength of Christ! His Word is full of wisdom. Following His principles, you, and your spouse, can learn to handle money well together and break the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

If you and your spouse aren’t on the same page about money, I want to invite you to read my new book. My wife Ann and I wrote it together to encourage other couples with some of the difficult, and life changing, lessons we’ve learned throughout our 38 years of marriage. But please hear me – we aren’t perfect. In fact, we struggled for 21 of those years and God’s principles have so radically changed our marriage that we want to help others! You can get your copy of Money Problems, Marriage Solutions by making a donation of any amount to Crown Financial Ministries this month.

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