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Episode 39: Life Without Limbs with Nick Vuijicic

by Crown Financial January 5, 2022

Episode 39: Life Without Limbs with

Nick Vuijicic

Crown Stewardship Podcast

Episode 38: Redeeming & Redefining Communities with Curtis Anderson

About this episode:
This week on the Crown Stewardship Podcast, we welcome Nick Vujicic, founder and CEO of Life Without Limbs. Nick tells his inspiring story of being born without arms or legs to becoming one of the world’s most sought after speakers and evangelists in the world. Nick’s enthusiasm to spread the Gospel is infectious. If you have ever felt like you are missing your purpose, you will not want to miss this episode that will encourage and inspire you - and make you laugh!

Podcast Highlights:

  • Nick is candid about his personal life and discusses his early struggles with depression and attempted suicide, his upbringing in a faithful Christian home, how he fell in love with his wife, and his mission and purpose.
  • How God’s plan for Nick’s life was far greater than he could have thought or imagined, and how Nick came to fully trust and submit to God’s plan.
  • You’ll hear about Nick’s current passions and projects - a new social media platform, co-founding a bank, encouraging America to collectively repent, and more.

Our Guest

Nick Vujicic (“voo-yi-chich”) is an Australian-American born without arms or legs who has become a world-renowned speaker, New York Times best-selling author, coach and entrepreneur, and is also the founder and CEO of the non-profit ministry Life Without Limbs. Millions of people have found hope, purpose and the strength to overcome their challenges through Nick’s inspirational speeches and powerful coaching. Nick has been featured on BBC, 60 Minutes Australia, CBS Sunday Morning, Oprah’s LifeClass, USA Today, People Magazine, ABC News, The Glenn Beck Program TLC, LA Stories, and many more.


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