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Episode 38: Redeeming & Redefining Communities with Curtis Anderson

by Crown Financial December 22, 2021

Episode 38: Redeeming & Redefining Communities with Curtis Anderson

Crown Stewardship Podcast

Episode 38: Redeeming & Redefining Communities with Curtis Anderson

About this episode:
This week on the Crown Stewardship Podcast, we welcome Curtis Anderson, Vice President of Discipleship at Bonton Farms in Dallas, Texas. Bonton Farms started out as a garden in a small lot, and has grown to two fully functioning farms, a Farmer’s Market, a Café and Coffee House. They not only grow food, but are working alongside residents to transform the community. Curtis tells the story of how God brought him into this role, and how they help people - not just to find a job - but to become employable and to enjoy work. We know you’ll enjoy listening to this episode filled with stories of hope and healing! 

Podcast Highlights:

  • Curtis recalls how words of encouragement from a few people changed the trajectory of his life.
  • How the Lord used Curtis’s natural love for the underdog, to build a passion for changing the lives of those struggling in his community.
  • Bonton farms is an urban farm that isn’t really about farming. You’ll learn about the seven social determinants that Bonton Farms focuses on to ensure lasting life change.
  • Unity vs. Uniformity - why embracing differences helps Curtis in his role as a "Cultural Translator”.

Our Guest

Curtis Anderson received his bachelor’s degree at Texas A&M (Commerce) and after graduating, he began his journey into ministry. In 2001 Curtis was ordained as a preacher, and then began an extensive career working in urban communities. His roles have included being manager of a recreation center for the city of Dallas, a residential officer for Dallas Juvenile department, life skill coach for the Dallas County Youth Village, community liaison for Dallas Independent School District. His passion for the urban community led him to the non-profit sector where he most recently served at Bonton Farms, cultivating cultural integration. Curtis and his wife, Tarsha, have four wonderful children, Langston, Leah, Londyn, and Malcolm.


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