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Episode 37: Living a Faith Driven Life with Henry Kaestner

by Crown Financial December 8, 2021

Episode 37: Living a Faith Driven Life with Henry Kaestner

Crown Stewardship Podcast

Episode 37: Living a Faith Driven Life with Henry Kaestner

About this episode:
This week on the Crown Stewardship Podcast, we welcome Henry Kaestner, with Faith Driven Entrepreneur and Faith Driven Investor. Henry shares the origin story of his organization and how God has transformed all aspects of his life - career, family, and health. You’ll also hear about Henry’s near-death experience and how God used it as a way to share his faith. You won’t want to miss this edifying episode!

Podcast Highlights:

  • As someone who was already naturally inclined for business, Henry learned how putting God at the center of it all changed everything.
  • You’ll hear about Henry’s near death experience that he uses to share how his peace comes from the Lord.
  • Henry shares some words of wisdom about pursuing success in both business and family - and the root of both is his faith.

Our Guest

Henry Kaestner co-founded the Faith Driven Entrepreneur and Faith Driven Investor ministries, and has been a catalyst behind both movements. He and his team seek to serve faith driven investors, funds, partners, advisors, and entrepreneurs through content and community. Henry has been involved in a number of other ministries and philanthropic activities. He co-founded DurhamCares, was a founding Board Member of Praxis, and sits on a variety of business and ministry boards including Valley Christian Schools where his 3 boys attend.


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