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Episode 25: Neile Simon – The Do’s and Don’ts for Creating Margin in Your Finances

by Crown Financial March 3, 2021

Episode 25: 

Neile Simon (The Do's and Dont's for Creating Margin in Your Finances)

Crown Stewardship Podcast

Episode 25: Neile Simon - (The Do’s and Don'ts for Creating Margin in Your Finances) 

About this episode:
This week on the Crown Stewardship Podcast, we welcome Neile Simon, with Christian Credit Counselors. Neile and the team at CCC help people with debt management, avoid bankruptcy, debt settlement scams, and quick fixes that ruin credit. In this episode you’ll hear how to create margin in your finances - and some ways to avoid. With so many options for creating margin, it can be difficult to discern which will be a permanent solution, and which will be a “band-aid” fix for the real problem. If you have considered refinancing your home, taking money out of your 401k, transferring debt, or debt consolidation to create margin in your finances - we weigh the pros and cons of each of these possibilities.

About our Guest:
Neile joined Christian Credit Counselors in 2013 and has built partnerships focused on helping people achieve financial freedom and a better way of life. Neile’s passion lies in helping and serving others by creating community through collaboration, connection, and impact. 

Established in 1990, Christian Credit Counselors has helped over 300,000 Americans get out of debt and begin to enjoy the benefits of financial freedom. We are located in San Diego, California and are licensed and bonded in 36 states across the nation.


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