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Episode 18: Digital Currency and Fragile Networks with David McAlvany

by Crown Financial December 9, 2020

Episode 18: 

David McAlvany - (Digital Currency & Fragile Networks)

Crown Stewardship Podcast

David McAlvany - Digital Currency & Fragile Networks

About this episode:
This week on the Crown Stewardship Podcast, we move into part 2 of our  mini-series on macro-economic trends called Gray Swans, with special guest David McAlvany. In this episode, Chuck Bentley and David McAlvany discuss Digital Currency and Fragile Networks, and the possible effects these trends have on our economy. David shares his knowledge on devaluation, cryptocurrency, predictions for the economy under a Biden administration, and what the individual can do to prepare for these changing systems.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Cryptocurrency vs. gold: the similarities and how they are vastly different.
  • You’ll hear why a cashless society is a threat to freedom - but is it inevitable?
  • The network we currently have is fragile, David shares advice on how we can prepare for the next disruption.

About our Guest:
David is CEO of the McAlvany Financial Companies – International Collectors Associates, Vaulted, McAlvany Wealth Management and The Tactical Short. He is a featured speaker on national television programs including CNBC, Fox News, Fox Business News, and Bloomberg; on radio programs; and at financial seminars around the world, analyzing major events and their impact on the global economy and financial markets. He can be heard weekly on his market commentary with world leaders, bankers, economists, and renowned investors. His interests are varied, but he has a keen passion for cycling and mountaineering. He spends his free time with his wife and their children skiing, hiking, and enjoying the mountains of Colorado.


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