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2 Tips if You Are Living on a Financial Cliff

by Chuck Bentley September 29, 2015

I once heard poverty described as living on the edge of a financial cliff, not knowing from day to day if you will fall over it and be destroyed.

This fear and uncertainty can grip the  heart of anyone who is living from paycheck to paycheck, juggling the stress of paying debt that is spiraling out of control, or losing a job with absolutely no margin to survive between jobs. All of these are forms of poverty; they are also bondage, which prevents you from achieving your God-given purpose.

are you tired of living on the financial edge

Proverbs 28:19 says, “ Whoever works his land will have plenty of bread, but he who follows worthless pursuits will have plenty of poverty.”


Solomon is advising us to do one thing and stop doing another. First, he says work your land. This is an admonition to get focused on what is at hand that will produce an income. The second part of his advice is to stop doing what is a waste of your time.

Have you done this time of analysis in your own life? Ask yourself what is the best area of focus for you to have income. After you have answered that question, get about the hard work of doing your job well.

Use time wisely

Next, ask yourself where you are pursing things that are worthless that are eating up your time? It could be a dreamy idea of making easy money in a get-rich-quick plan that is causing you to be distracted, or simply a lifestyle preoccupied with leisure and entertainment.

If you are living on the financial edge, stop doing those things that waste your time. An example in my life was 20 years ago I decided to stop watching TV and use my time more wisely.

I hope you will take Proverbs 28:19 to heart today, and move off that cliff!

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