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Are you re-purposing or retiring?

by Chuck Bentley June 29, 2015

By Chuck Bentley

A recent call from listeners to our radio program gave me great joy. The couple shared with me their plan to re-purpose their lives and asked for some financial advice. Both are now 68 years old; the husband retired from the postal service and has a modest pension. They currently live in Florida and have many friends there who plan to take it easy, walk on the beach, play golf, and enjoy their senior years.

Not so for these two…they believe God is leading them on a different adventure. Both were separately inspired by the praise song, Oceans by Hillsong. One line struck them in the heart…”Lead me to faith without borders.” That phrase caused both of them to ask the Lord what He would prefer they do other than the typical retirement.

are you re-purposing or retiring

Being totally debt free and with the freedom they have to do something different with their lives, they realized the Lord wanted them to move from Florida to be closer to their children and grandchildren. That narrowed the locations down to one of several in North Carolina or Georgia. Instead of simply picking a location convenient to the children, they began looking at a variety of ministries where they might be able to plug in as full-time volunteers. By visiting these ministries and helping out for short stints, they asked for clarity where they could best serve.

One particular ministry seemed to strike a chord in both of their hearts; the ministry works with children who are aging out of foster care and need help getting on their feet as they transition to living on their own. After a number of weeks there as volunteers, God united their hearts around this ministry. Now the house is on the market in Florida, the new location is chosen, and they are on their way to fulfilling a new purpose for their lives—living a faith without borders. Well done!

Originally posted 6/29/2015.

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