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a very encouraging money story

by Chuck Bentley July 23, 2015

By Chuck Bentley

I recently had the opportunity to meet a young couple who told me their remarkable story.

Both were raised in Christian homes and regularly attended church. When they first met and fell in love, they decided to live together, which they did for four years. At that time, a friend invited them to participate in a Crown Small Group Bible Study. In the study, both realized that they had never fully surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. They both did just that and more. God’s Word convicted them of their sin in living together, so they got married!

a very encouraging money story

In their testimony, they shared that early on in their relationship they had decided that they never wanted to have children, but today, the Lord put it on their hearts that they should have a big family! I asked what changed their minds about that. They said it was listening to me challenge the cultural thinking that children are too expensive and that they could never afford them. What a joy for me to think that if God gives them children that they are praying for now, it is a result of the power of God’s Word to transform their lives in a Bible study on stewardship. You see, God’s principles change everything. They can even help bring more new lives into the world.

In the five years that the couple has been married, they have served as volunteers with Crown by leading over 15 small group studies in their local church! Maybe there will be hundreds of new children on their way soon!

How about you? Is your life being transformed by God’s financial principles? I certainly hope so.

Originally posted 7/23/2015.

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