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Why Getting Out Of Debt May Be Overrated
Why Getting Out of Debt May Be Overrated
by Crown Financial | January 9, 2023
Dear Chuck, My spouse thinks we need another credit card. We’ve been getting by just fine with one. Who...
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Peacemakers Not Achievers 1365x2048
Peacemakers, Not Appeasers
by Chuck Bentley | July 21, 2020
Who could rationally approve of the senseless destruction of private and public property, the mob justice, and the anarchist...
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7 steps to get on the same page
7 Steps to Agree With Your Spouse About Money
by Chuck Bentley | May 9, 2018
For 21 years of my marriage, my wife and I were in disagreement about money. I was content pursuing...
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practical ways to teach your kids about money
5 Practical Ways to Teach Your Kids About Money
by Chuck Bentley | May 2, 2018
Teaching your kids about money is a challenge and often an overlooked part of the training they desperately need!...
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4 reasons godly stewardship is important
4 Reasons Godly Stewardship is Important
by Chuck Bentley | April 23, 2018
Many people have a misunderstanding of what it means to be a steward. It’s not just getting out of...
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is it better to rent or buy
Is It Better to Rent or Buy? 6 Questions to Help You Make the Right Decision
by Chuck Bentley | April 18, 2018
Purchasing a home can be a costly and frightening experience. It’s likely the most expensive purchase most adults will...
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5 reasons your finances are about more than money
5 Reasons Your Finances Are About More Than Money
by Chuck Bentley | April 12, 2018
What does the Bible say about money? You may be surprised to learn that Scripture references money than it...
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how to pass the true money test
How to Pass the True Money Test
by Chuck Bentley | April 2, 2018
I did not enjoy taking tests in school. There were some students that eagerly welcomed the opportunity to showcase...
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why financial fidelity matters in marriage
Why Financial Fidelity Matters in Marriage
by Chuck Bentley | March 29, 2018
Have you ever lied to your spouse about a purchase or hidden money? A poll from the National Endowment...
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pros and cons of working from home
The Often Overlooked Pros and Cons of Working From Home
by Robert Dickie III | February 19, 2018
Making money from home means living the dream, right? Well, yes and no. The flexibility and autonomy of working...
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