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8 Indicators of a Shopaholic

by Chuck Bentley December 22, 2016

All of us have probably purchased something we didn’t need. But, do you know why? Lauren Greutman, gives reasons in an article she wrote for the Huffington Post. Here are a few she discovered, with my solutions to the problem.

You want to impress people.

Solution: Find your true identity in Christ. Greed and pride can stunt your character and will keep you in bondage.

You’re in the habit.

Solution: In just 21 days you can break the shopping habit and develop a savings habit instead. Only go to the store if necessary and then, with a list. Avoid any impulse purchases. Pray before you go to avoid temptation.

You don’t think through what you already have before buying.

Solution: Could it be that you are not thankful for what you have? Or, maybe your closets are so full you have forgotten what is there? Use what you have and donate or sell the excess.

You’re depressed and you feel better buying stuff.

Solution: In the long term, these purchases are not going to make you feel any better. In fact, they will do you harm. Delight yourself in the Lord and find a way to serve others.

You’re selfish.

Solution: Discover the joy of keeping your eyes on Jesus and listening to the Holy Spirit. He will put people in your life that you can help with your money rather than spending it on yourself.

You’re exposed to too much advertising.

Solution: Limit time on computers, social media, TV, magazines, and window shopping. Guard your eyes to protect yourself from what the world says you need.

You feel that more stuff gives you greater security.

Solution: That’s a lie. God is your rock and fortress. Things don’t buy you peace or security.

You neglect creative solutions to your problem.

Solution: Think before you buy. Do you really need it? Can you borrow it, fix it, or find a used one?

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