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3 Steps to Develop a Savings Mindset

by Chuck Bentley January 4, 2018

Have you ever been skiing?

I remember teaching each of my 4 sons how to ski. Just getting them all dressed, bundled up, and in their ski boots was enough of a workout for an entire day, but then we actually had to get on the mountain. I’m not sure they could put their arms down by their side their jackets were so thick, but we figured it would be good padding in case they fell. Which they did.

We’d start easy, down the bunny hills, but they couldn’t figure out how to really control their skis, so whatever direction they started down the hill in, they’d continue in, until they ran out of momentum or into something.

After we had sustained several falls and were on the brink of a meltdown (me, not the boys), I realized an important lesson was to teach them was to turn with their shoulders and hips, not just their feet. The direction their hips and shoulders were pointed would determine the direction their skis would go (emphasizing here, AWAY from the trees and other people).

You may feel the same way my boys did on the ski slopes about your finances – out of control, not sure what direction you’re headed….and maybe about to crash.

But just like your shoulders can direct your skis on the slopes, a savings mindset can direct your financial future.

Yes, it’s important to develop good savings habits and to get into the practice of saving, but your mindset is really what’s going to direct the outcome. If you have a consumer mindset, you’ll prioritize shopping or the latest trends over budgeting, saving, etc.

So how do you develop a savings mindset?

  1. Look to Scripture. The Bible has a lot to say about saving and is the first place you should start when developing your mindset.
  2. Establish a Biblical Philosophy. Especially for married couples, a shared philosophy about money is crucial. It helps you make the right things priorities and is a filter through which you should put all your purchasing decisions.  
  3. Act it Out. Developing a savings mindset won’t happen overnight. But you do need to start putting your mindset into action to help develop it. This may be as simple as setting up an automatic withdrawal out of your bank account, a jar where you put every $5 bill, or a savings goal that you are working towards.  

An important element of this process is to make a budget. It won’t restrict your spending, it will just give you the freedom to spend the right way. And if you don’t like budgets, or think they’re too complicated, download Crown’s Easy Guide to a Budget You Love. It’s simple and you can apply it to whatever your current situation is. Even if you’re starting on the bunny slopes, adopting a budget will bring purpose and order to your finances.

What are your savings tips? Share with us!

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