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2 Ways to Turn Your Work into Worship

by Chuck Bentley January 16, 2018

Do you ever feel like you worship your work, work at your play, and play at your worship?

Most people either see work as somewhat of a “necessary evil” to pay the bills and get by in life, or as their entire identity, the sole factor in determining their worth and value as an individual.

With all the distractions in life competing for our attention, we have largely lost our ability to “play” well. Instead of being active and lighthearted with others, we are isolated, competitive, and discontent behind screens.

The message of a “cheap” Gospel preached on Sunday mornings across the world has contributed to a culturally apathetic attitude towards Christ and His sacrifice on the cross. “Worship” has become centered around how an individual feels in a moment, not spiritual humility and thankfulness of our Savior.

Work was created by God to supply our physical needs, and should be a blessing to us. God charged Adam with work to take care of the earth and reign over the animals in Genesis, before sin had ever entered the world.

Work is a daily opportunity for us to exercise our God-given gifts and put spiritual principles to practice.

It’s where we look to the Lord, not man, for rewards.

Worship has been defined this way …  “to honor with extravagant love and extreme submission.” So if God created us to work, and desires for us to honor Him in our work, how does that definition apply to our 9am-5pm grind? How do you worship God at work if you hate your job?

Work to Honor with Extravagant Love

Work becomes worship when it’s done as an offering to God, not for our own benefit. When our hearts are so intertwined with His, then our place of work is His place, where we live out our faith in word and deed.

Os Guinness says gifts are not for ourselves but for God. We are just stewards, managers, of all he has given us, including our time, talent, and money. That means we should use our resources for the benefit of others to glorify Christ.

Colossians 3:17 reminds us plainly, “Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” Every project, task, and conversation you have at work should be done in the name of Jesus, to honor Him.

If you’re frustrated at work, remember that you’re not working for man, but for God. Be diligent and thorough with every task you’re given. It may be time for you to consider a career change, so you can use the gifts and talents God has given you more fully. The Career Direct assessment can help you understand who you are, what you are designed to do, and how God created you to work.

Work to Honor with Extreme Submission

First Samuel says that to obey is better than to sacrifice. God cares about your work and has a good plan for your life. Obey God no matter the circumstances and trust that He sees you, your needs, and your desires. He has a purpose for your work, and it will require obedience and humility. Whatever you’re doing, be the best you can be at it. Have a great attitude about doing the things that are asked of you, and go above and beyond expectations.

Steward your work well – allow God to be the owner of your work, and see yourself as faithful manager. Worship while you’re at work. Worship while you play. And worship while you worship.

Your work is a special offering because God uniquely created you with special talents, interests, and personality. When you can connect your unique design to an actual career, it makes worshiping in your work all the better. If you’re struggling to know what your calling is, or are curious if you’re in the right job, I want you to take the Career Direct Assessment. It looks at all aspects of your personality to help you understand your God-given design and purpose.

What are some practical ways you focus your work on God?

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