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30 Day Money Reset

Your one month challenge to develop healthy, biblical financial habits.

DAY 25


A winning sports strategy involves a strong defense and a strategic offense. When both of these tactics are in place, the results can be far greater than one without the other.

Do you have an offensive and defensive strategy for your finances? 

How you earn your income is your offensive strategy and how you manage your expenses is your defense. You can focus all your energy to make more money and build a strong offensive strategy, but if you ignore your expenses they can quickly get out of control and exceed whatever income you bring in.

A budget is essential to your defensive strategy; it will help you win the game. But long-term goals will help you win the season. As you’ve been developing healthy financial habits over the last 3 weeks, hopefully, you’ve started thinking about some of these long-term goals.

A few days ago, you made a 6-month savings goal. And hopefully, you have already implemented your debt-payoff plan from earlier in the challenge. Congratulations on taking these steps to reaching long-term goals that will lead you to financial freedom!

Today's action item:

So today, make a long-term giving goal.  Pray about how much you should give, and to whom.  Set a goal to give generously in the future and be sure to adjust your budget to help you meet the goal.  Write it down.  A faithful heart and disciplined hands can have eternal impact for the Kingdom of God.


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