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A Long Term Solution to Economic Suffering

For 47 years, Crown has helped people all over the world understand who they are, what they have and how to best use both. Using proven biblical methods and resources transforms individuals, families, communities and even entire nations.

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Get Help with Your Finances

Crown’s approach to biblical stewardship is proven and effective. These principles have worked for thousands of people around the world, and can work for you.

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Help Multiply Faithful Stewards

When you give to Crown, you become part of a community of faithful stewards committed to helping people understand who they are, what they have and how to use both for greater Kingdom purposes in the world.

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Poverty is not a Resource Problem

We believe God has given us a solution to end generational poverty, founded on the idea that poverty isn’t a resource problem, it’s a stewardship problem. Crown trains and equips community leaders and partners to teach others how to align their lives and finances using proven biblical stewardship principles. All over the world, people are escaping economic suffering using the resouces they already have. Here are some of our solutions.

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57% of Americans say they wonder,

“How can I find more meaning and purpose in my life?” at least monthly

37.9 million people in the U.S. are living in poverty.

719 million people — 9.2% of the world’s population —

are living on less than $2.15 a day.

Americans owe $986 billion on credit cards, surpassing the

pre-pandemic high of $927 billion in credit card debt.

Children and youth account for two-thirds of the world’s poor, and women represent a majority in most regions.

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Your Purpose

Even in the most destitute, desperate and seemingly hopeless situations, we all have something we can bring before the Lord: time, talent, resources, personalities, relationships. What do you have that you can place before Him today and follow Him in trust and obedience to see how He wants to use it or multiply it for your good and His glory?


Set and achieve your goals with the help of a personal Budget Coach.

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Practical Tips and Tools

Crown has helped thousands of people around the world bring their finances to life and quit living in financial stress. We know what works, but most of all, we know what can work for you.

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Budgeting & Spending

Access a library of practical resources to help you track your spending and stay on budget.

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Budget Coaching

Develop a customized spending plan and debt elimination strategy to put you on the road to financial freedom.

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Manage Your Debt with a Christian Credit Counselor

Get in touch with a professional debt counselor who can help you today.

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Lift the heavy burden of debt and activate your finances full potential.

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Family & Finance

Learn ways to deepen your relationships, stay on the same page with your finances and grow in stewardship together.

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Economy & Investing

Take advantage of our years of experience and expertise when it comes to multiplying your money.

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Understand how you can use your finances to impact those around you in meaningful ways.

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These proven resources have helped thousands of others reach their savings goals and can help you too.

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Career & Work

Understanding what God created you to do doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out these resources to start living with purpose.

Freedom Investors

Through your monthly, recurring donation you help provide steady support to train leaders and partners in how to educate their communities about biblical stewardship principles.

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True Life Change and Freedom

Explore a few of the ways Crown is making an impact on individual lives and the Kingdom of God around the world.

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A Testimony of Faith and Perseverance
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Couples Experience Financial Transformation Through Budget Coaching
Many individuals and couples find themselves at a crossroads with their finances, often struggling to align their monetary habits with their spiritual values. For Logan & Morgan Murphy and Maurice
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Global Online Training Initiative
Crown is thrilled to announce the ongoing success of our online training sessions, designed to enhance the expertise of our partners and foster global networking opportunities. Our latest series, “Bible
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About Us

Since 1976, Crown has existed to help people bring purpose to their money and identity all around the world.

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