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Auto Loan Payment Calculator

Enter assets and liabilities to calculate net worth.

Net Worth Calculator

Use the Crown Net Worth Calculator below to calculate your net worth.

Be sure to click the black arrow to reveal all of the other asset and liability categories under other headings such as Investment Assets so you don’t miss anything!


Simple Interest Calculator

Our Simple Interest Calculator allows you to calculate the amount of interest earned on an initial investment amount. It also creates a helpful chart which breaks down the amount of interest earned vs. the original principal amount.

We also have a Compound Interest Calculator for cases when you need to calculate compound interest! 

Compound Interest Calculator

This Compound Interest Calculator will allow you to calculate the amount of compound interest generated over a period of time.  (Compound Interest means the interest you earn is reinvested so that your interest begins earning even more interest.)

In addition to calculating compound interest for your initial investment, you can also include Regular Investments for additional planned savings.

Compound Interest is one of the most powerful ways to build wealth!

We also have a Simple Interest Calculator available for cases when compound interest does not apply.

Loan Affordability Calculator

Our Loan Affordability Calculator will help you determine how much you can afford to borrow if you need to take out a loan.  This calculator assumes you already know what the Maximum Monthly Payment you can afford is.

This Loan Affordability Calculator doesn't take your other life expenses or monthly budget into account.  It's simply a way to calculate how much you can borrow based on the inputs available below.

It also doesn't take other lending pitfalls into account like balloon payments or interest rates that increase over time.

Remember: don't take out loans -or- unnecessary debt if you don't have to!

Net Worth Calculator

Net Worth Calculator

Use the Crown Net Worth Calculator to calculate your net worth.  Be sure to click the down arrow to reveal all of the other asset and liability categories so you don’t miss anything!

Car Lease Payment Calculator

Our Car Lease Payment Calculator will help you calculate your next car lease payment based on a number of different variables.

If you don't know a specific number listed below, or a field doesn't apply to your situation, just leave it blank.

(FYI: the Residual Value is the estimated amount the car, truck, or SUV will be worth at the end of the lease period.)

Debt Snowball Calculator

Step 1/4
Debt Snowball Calculator

Ever wonder how much you could save by paying off your debts sooner than later?

This calculator utilizes the “rollover” method for ditching your debt as quickly as possible. It’s simple. As each debt is paid off, the freed-up amount for that creditor is applied to the next debt, keeping you on track to be totally debt free! You are about to see that this method can save you a ton of money in interest charges -- and will help you on your journey to become debt free in a shorter time!

Note: If you include your mortgage in your Accelerated Debt Payoff Plan, be sure to enter only the principal and interest portion of your monthly mortgage payment. Do not include the monthly amount for taxes and insurance.

Step 2/4

Begin by entering at least two loans or credit card balances you want to payoff, ordered from smallest balance to largest balance:

Debt # 1

Step 3/4

Enter a monthly dollar amount, if any, that you can add to your debt payoff plan:

Step 4/4

Current Totals

Accelerated Debt Payoff Totals

Time and Interest Savings from
Accelerated Debt Payoff Plan:

Crown Calculators

The Crown Calculators below are extremely popular and helpful when it comes to good financial decision making.  Many of these financial calculators also include helpful charts and graphs for visualizing your individual results.

Best of all, our Crown Calculators are always free to use!

Debt Snowball Calculator

This calculator shows you how to accelerate your debt payoff using the Debt Snowball method.

Mortgage Amortization Calculator

NEW & IMPROVED!  Calculate your mortgage payment and learn how much interest you'll pay over the life of the loan.  Includes helpful charts!

Auto Loan Calculator

NEW & IMPROVED!  Calculate your monthly auto payment including an amortization schedule that breaks downs each payment!

Compound Interest Calculator

NEW!  See the power of compound interest in action!  This calculator allows you to perform compound interest calculations.

Retirement Savings Calculator

NEW & IMPROVED!  Determine how much you need to save in order to retire by a certain age.  This calculator also has helpful charts.

Savings Goal Calculator

NEW & IMPROVED!  Run savings scenarios to see how much you need to save to reach a certain amount.  Includes Savings Schedule & charts!

Net Worth Calculator

NEW! This calculator allows you to enter all of your assets and liabilities to calculate your net worth.

Mortgage Refinancing Calculator

NEW & IMPROVED!  Learn how much money you can save (or not save) by refinancing your current mortgage with a lower interest rate.

Auto Lease Calculator

NEW!  Calculate your monthly lease payment based on a variety of inputs and scenarios that may apply to your situation.  Includes helpful charts!

Simple (Regular) Interest Calculator

NEW!  Perform simple interest calculations to gauge the performance of your investments.  Includes helpful charts!

Loan Affordability Calculator

NEW!  See how much you can afford to borrow based on the amount of income you have available to pay the principal and interest payments.

Life Insurance Calculator

NEW & IMPROVED!  See how much life insurance you need to take care of your loved ones based on their future needs.

Single Deposit Savings Calculator

This calculator will help you to determine the future value of a one-time investment.

To calculate the future value of a one-time investment, enter the deposit amount, the interest rate you expect to earn, and the number of years you will allow the investment to grow, then click the “Compute” button.