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Transforming Lives through Financial Stewardship in the Heart of Tanzania

by Stephanie Anfinson February 15, 2024

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Debbie and Lance Robbinson, a dedicated team serving at a youth camp and leading classes at a church in Tanzania, faced a challenge: they were asked to teach a Financial Stewardship course with only 2 days to prepare and 1 hour to teach. So they called us. We swiftly equipped them with the African Money Map Road Map, guiding them through its 10 transformative stations and joining them in praying over the students who would attend and the material that would be taught. The impact was extraordinary!

Debbie and Lance joyfully reported, “Praise to Jesus – the presentation of the principles from the Crown Money Map were well received. This group of students here are sponges! They took notes and were so attentive. I have had two different organizations that work with the Tanzanian community ask me about the material. I will send you their information and give them your information as well. God is so good!”

Image (40)This ripple effect, where the seeds of financial stewardship take root and spread, is a testament to the impactful multiplication of our ministry. It’s not merely a class taught in a corner of the world; it’s a transformative experience resonating through the hearts and minds of the individuals and organizations we serve.


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