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Training Pastors in Tanzania

by Stephanie Anfinson October 5, 2019

What you can’t tell from this photo is the resounding noise filling the room. Laughter, hands slamming down on tables, and feet rushing across the room are the melody behind these mens’ smiles. Meet three pastors from the Anglican Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro who have come together in Arusha, Tanzania to learn how they deepen their own understanding of stewardship, and how to raise up faithful stewards in their congregations. This scene is from the middle of a raucous Money Map game, where the pastors learn hands-on about budgeting. Crown partners have used this game to teach hundreds of people how to budget with a biblical mindset. Some groups have played for over eight hours! This game, which originated in Africa, is being spread to other Crown partners and is being developed to minister to kinesthetic learners around the world.


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