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“There was a solution that could actually help me. It gave me hope.”

by Stephanie Anfinson April 16, 2024

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Reggie Rossignol’s journey of financial transformation is a testament to the power of guidance and support. In a world where conversations about money can be daunting, Reggie found solace and empowerment through the assistance of a Crown Budget Coach. She felt isolated in her struggles with money management, unable to find someone she could confide in. However, through the Crown Budget Coach program, Reggie discovered not only practical solutions but also a newfound sense of hope and understanding about money’s role in her life. This testimony encapsulates her journey toward financial freedom and the invaluable lessons she learned along the way.

“I appreciate having someone that I can talk to about money issues and advice. I do not have anyone in my personal life that I can talk to about these things, or as deeply as I need to. I do work at a financial institution, have an amazing team, and I know any one of them would have helped me. However, sometimes I need to go over things a few times before I understand them. Being “too personal” can also impact things in a way we didn’t expect. I didn’t want to “take too much” from my peers.

This course and the Debt Management program helped me feel like there was a solution that could actually help me. It gave me privacy, hope, and an ally. I was also able to hear concepts and messages that I haven’t heard before about money; about the way God views it and wants us to manage it.

I feel like the savings lessons were the most impactful. I’ve never really thought about savings because I was always working toward debt or things to fix. So, it was always an afterthought. Though, I can see where if I had saved more earlier on, I wouldn’t have gotten in debt with a credit card, or loan. Now, I am breaking the cycle.

I also categorized my spending in my online banking app at the same time. I know that will make the biggest difference—looking at my money every day, accounting for it, and trying to stay within the lines. I also plan on being more intentional about saving and I cut my credit card, which was SO scary. I just kept reminding myself that debt is scary too.”

Reggie continues, “I’ve known for years I need to get better about money. I have notes in old Bible studies about it. I hate it but it’s true. Yet some of my beliefs made me feel like it was a sin to think about money, especially too much, so I never learned how to get better with it. As a result, I just maintained debt. I’d like to think I am “turning from that sin” now. And as we say in recovery from any other addiction or wound, we must first admit we’re powerless to change ourselves. My heart and mind are in alignment with God now. Hopefully, I am being cleansed and renewed into the steward He created me [us] to be.”

Reggie’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration for anyone navigating financial challenges. Through vulnerability and dedication, she embraced the opportunity for change and embarked on a path toward becoming a faithful steward. Her willingness to pursue a path of stewardship reflects a profound shift in mindset—one that aligns with God’s plan for her life and paves the way for a future marked by financial freedom and abundance.


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