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The Power of Partnerships

by Stephanie Anfinson August 11, 2023

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The Gospel is spreading through Crown to places you may never have imagined possible. Every country and culture is different, and that is why we have partnered with over 100 different organizations who are entrenched in their local communities. Instead of bringing solutions that work in the United States into these diverse places, our partners translate Crown materials and adjust the practical teachings to make sense in their context – all while retaining the biblical truths that are Crown’s foundation.

One of these organizations is Project Video. They have been dubbing Crown’s God Provides Film series, which was produced in 2009, into many different Asian languages! More than 13 years later it is continuing to have a tremendous impact! They recently shared:

“Our ministry has been dubbing the God Provides series (provided by Crown) into many languages here in Asia. One surprise to us was that the Rich Man and Lazarus story was very popular among local evangelists! In a few different tribes, the culture values family highly, and a common obstacle to someone becoming a Christian, is that they do not want to go to heaven if their ancestors aren’t going to be there. They would rather be in hell with their ancestors. But in the Rich Man and Lazarus film, it shows a man in hell desperate to tell his family to choose heaven instead. It’s opening their eyes to consider that perhaps their ancestors want them to choose heaven regardless. Praise God for this story, removing their barrier to faith!”

To Watch the Rich Man and Lazarus film, and the additional films in the God Provides series, click here. 


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