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Stewardship Changes Everything

by Stephanie Anfinson November 15, 2023
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Joel and Morgan shared that their most profound takeaway from Crown’s Budget Coaching© program was anchored in the reminder that God was the true owner, and they were mere stewards. With this perspective, they found new freedom and purpose in their financial decisions.

In a world where finances can strain even the strongest of bonds, Joel and Morgan found themselves at a crossroads. The weight of mismanaged budgets, overspending, and misunderstood conversations had cast a shadow on their relationship. As they stood on the threshold of uncertainty, a glimmer of hope arrived in the form of Crown’s Budget Coaching program.

Morgan’s apprehension was palpable. The thought of exposing their financial struggles to a coach triggered feelings of shame and guilt. She was the primary caretaker of their budget, and her sense of responsibility made it hard not to blame herself. “I was nervous that our Crown coach would look at our budget and have terrible feedback for us,” Morgan shared. Yet, the courage to embrace change was stronger than her fear.

Enter Richard, their Crown coach, who would prove to be a beacon of encouragement and understanding. Morgan’s worries dissolved as Richard created a safe space for them to share their challenges openly. His gentle guidance paved the way for the couple to confront their financial reality head-on.

Joel had also grown weary of financial strife. Frustration had become the backdrop of their conversations. Seeking a solution, he enrolled in Crown’s program, hoping for a bridge to understanding. What he found was far more transformative than he could have imagined.

The program normalized open financial discussions, coaxing them out of their corners and into a partnership rooted in shared goals. Richard’s warmth and strategic insights breathed life into their attempts to communicate better. Though their journey was far from complete, Joel felt a renewed sense of unity with Morgan.

During the course, a fundamental truth from scripture echoed: “God owns everything.” For Morgan, this was a revelation that changed her perspective. It was a reminder that their finances were entrusted to them by a gracious God, who walked alongside them through the stress and worry. The weight lifted, replaced by a sense of divine partnership.

Joel’s experience mirrored Morgan’s realization. He found comfort in knowing that they were not alone in this journey. Wise counsel surrounded them, a reminder that God’s presence extended to every aspect of their lives, including their finances.

With newfound understanding and faith, they reshaped their budget. No longer guided by assumptions, they crafted a plan rooted in their actual financial situation. Their focus shifted towards saving and seeking creative avenues for generating income, guided by the principles shared in Crown’s resources.

However, their transformation wasn’t confined to spreadsheets and strategies. Even when faced with overspending, they had learned to adjust and to support each other in the process.

Yet, the most profound lesson was anchored in the reminder that God was the true owner of their resources, and they were mere stewards. With this perspective, they found new purpose in their financial decisions, asking themselves, “How well does my budget represent the owner of the money I’m spending?”

Joel and Morgan’s journey with Crown’s Budget Coaching program had bridged divides and illuminated a path toward a united financial future. Their story is a testament to the power of partnership, the impact of wise counsel, and the transformation that can unfold when God’s stewardship principles are woven into every aspect of people’s lives.


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