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Resilience and Hope: Fredrick Phiri’s Journey Amid Zimbabwe’s Drought

by Stephanie Anfinson June 13, 2024


We share this recent update from our partner, Fredrick Phiri, in Zimbabwe.  He attended one of our first “I Was Hungry” classes in Zimbabwe and he is one of our most active African Money Map trainers. (Fredrick actually learned English by reading the African Money Map!)

Img 20240610 Wa0007Recently Frederick faced significant challenges when he lost all his crops to the current drought. With his oldest son moving in after his grandmother’s passing and the addition of a newborn baby, the pressure mounted. He expressed his fear of not being able to feed his five children or afford their schooling. Fredrick had no livestock and a shallow well without power for the pump or a hose.

A partner in Zambia suggested that Fredrick start by planting a small garden. Fredrick acted immediately, and with the solar panels and hose donated by friends of Crown, he started his garden. Shortly after, a pastor visiting his town needed an interpreter, and Fredrick volunteered. The pastor’s gratitude came in the form of money, which Fredrick used to buy five chickens. Despite the worsening drought, the vegetable garden and chicken eggs have become their main food source. Fredrick continues to work hard, hoping for rain and asking for prayers for provision for his family and many others in Africa facing similar hardships. The photos below show the garden’s initial success and its current struggle, alongside a picture of Fredrick’s healthy baby, Mufaro.

Crown could not accomplish our mission of spreading biblical stewardship principles around the world without the efforts of people like Fredrick. Join us in continuing to pray for Fredrick and his family and that God provides strength in his continued ministry efforts.

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