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Rediscovering Financial Freedom through Budget Coaching

by Stephanie Anfinson June 13, 2024


Mark and Claire Pelletier have rediscovered financial stability and marital harmony through the help of their Crown Budget Coach. Claire Pelletier shared with us, “We have been struggling for years to stay on top of our ‘budget’ — we (mostly me) made purchases out of wants and without much reflection. When we sat to look at our ‘numbers’ together, it was a source of stress. Mark is more of a saver and not a spender; I am the opposite. We also approach money differently: the way we look at our budget, the way we spend.”

The couple recognized their need for external assistance, reminiscent of the guidance they received two decades ago through a Crown Bible Study course at their church. Claire recalled, “We knew we needed something or someone to help us get back on track and to approach it (again) the way we had done almost 20 years ago. We wanted that sense of peace again and we wanted to get out of debt, which was a great source of stress for Mark. So I searched online for Crown and found this online mentoring option, which I thought would be perfect for this time in our life. And it has been!”

Mark echoed Claire’s sentiments, emphasizing the transformative impact of the coaching: “The Crown class was an answer to prayer as we had gotten into too much debt and felt controlled by it. The course has made us re-evaluate our use of money and we are growing in our understanding of what it means to be good stewards.”

One of the critical changes the Pelletiers implemented was eliminating their reliance on credit cards. Mark noted, “First and foremost, we have stopped using our credit card for all our purchases as it became obvious that the card was the primary source of our problem. We switched to using our debit card for our day-to-day purchases.”

Additionally, they have become more discerning in their spending habits. Mark explained, “Growing in understanding and working to implement the principle of needs vs. wants vs. desires. Now when we food shop, for instance, we get what we need. Same with other shopping.”

Another significant step the couple has taken is establishing a savings account for emergencies. “We have also established a savings account for emergencies, something we have not done since we were first married 35 years ago,” said Mark. “This has resulted in greater peace and trust in God.”

Weekly financial reviews have also played a crucial role in their progress. Claire highlighted the importance of these discussions: “It is important being consistent and committed to discussing our finances on a weekly basis. It has made us hold each other accountable, given us a renewed sense of direction and hope: we are making decisions together again a lot more easily and (which is key for us) more frequently.”

Mark added, “A weekly review of our spending has helped us be more open and confident in discussing our use of money.”

Through prayer and trust in divine provision, the Pelletiers have found greater financial peace. “We are praying a lot more about our finances and trusting that God will provide in His own way,” Mark shared. “We actually have started to put away true emergency savings and believe this is part of being a good steward.”

In conclusion, the Pelletiers’ journey demonstrates the profound impact of Budget Coaching and spiritual stewardship in achieving financial peace and marital harmony. As Claire succinctly put it, “It feels great to approach this part of our marriage together and to work towards growing in Godly stewardship of ALL He has given us.”


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