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Partner of the Month: Dr. William Chen

by Stephanie Anfinson September 12, 2023

Dr. William Chen is a dedicated figure in the realm of financial ministries, based in Hong Kong and extending his services to Hong Kong, Macau, and mainland China. Having been an integral part of Crown Financial Ministries Hong Kong since its establishment in 2008, Dr. Chen’s journey has spanned over seven years of faithful service. From his initiation as a Director to eventually taking the helm as Chairman in 2019, his transformative experiences with the biblical financial study program, now known as Money Life, have been a cornerstone. The program’s structured approach has not only revolutionized his perspective on finances and the kingdom but has also addressed the vital need for money management education within a financially driven city like Hong Kong.

Amidst the bustling financial landscape of Hong Kong, William Chen’s commitment to merging financial principles with biblical teachings has been a guiding light. In a city where decisions are often influenced by financial motives, Dr. Chen recognized the scarcity of money management discussions within the church. This insight led to the creation of Money Life, a platform that imparts the art of becoming faithful stewards through structured biblical financial studies. Chen himself experienced a complete transformation in his perspective, acknowledging that financial management in alignment with God’s principles is of paramount importance.

Dr. Chen’s impact has been tangible and far-reaching. Since 2016, over a thousand believers have successfully completed the biblical financial study and the business-oriented Business By the Book courses. Furthermore, the ripple effect extends to the training of over 200 small group leaders, enabling them to effectively guide and mentor others. In a city where financial prowess often takes precedence, Chen’s efforts stand as a testament to the profound influence that can arise when financial wisdom is coupled with spiritual insights.


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