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Partner of the Month: Crown New Zealand

by Stephanie Anfinson January 16, 2024

This month’s Partner of the Month is Peter Crawford from Crown New Zealand. You’ll hear Peter discuss the development of a five-week course titled “Serving one Master”. The inspiration for the course title struck him in the middle of the night, emphasizing the universal struggle faced by individuals, irrespective of their wealth, in navigating financial pressures. There is a societal resistance in New Zealand to openly discuss financial matters, particularly among pastors. The course aims to address this by fostering a supportive environment where participants can share their financial challenges without judgment, leading to a release of shame and guilt.

Through the course, people discover a shared experience of financial challenges, breaking the silence and creating a space for open conversations. Despite the societal reluctance to discuss finances in New Zealand, the course provides a platform for individuals to connect over common struggles and realize that they are not alone in facing economic pressures. This shared sense of understanding contributes to a more relaxed atmosphere during the course sessions, fostering a supportive community where participants can openly share their stories without fear of judgment.


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