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Montana Bible College: The Gift of Understanding Your God-given Design

by Stephanie Anfinson September 12, 2023


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Most people do not understand God’s design for their lives which can lead to many insecurities and questions, especially during pivotal seasons of life. We believe God created each person to fulfill a unique purpose through their work. And we understand the frustration and helplessness of a life spent in the wrong career. That’s why for over 40 years, we’ve made it our mission to help professionals and recent graduates chart a course for work they love. This is also why Montana Bible College decided to use Crown’s Career Direct assessment with their students. Several key leaders shared their experiences with us.

Christa Forsythe, Dean of Women at Montana Bible College reported:

A few years ago, we started to see that some of our MBC graduates indicated in their exit interviews they had no idea what they were going to do next. They really didn’t know how they were uniquely gifted or designed and were leaving without direction. This was concerning. Through those conversations, Dave Hockman connected with Career Direct. Through a partnership with Career Direct and a very generous grant we have been able to offer the Career Direct assessment and counseling to our students. It has been a gift! Just this semester I have had students in my office, who have been struggling with their current jobs. Being able to help them rethink through their Career Direct assessments has helped them understand their frustrations. I have been able to pull out their “money page” [a page from the Detailed Report, covered during the consultation] and help them think through how to interview for a job that would suit their giftedness and be able to communicate that well during their next interview. Recently, I was helping to interview a student for a student Ambassador job and when my boss asked her to describe her strengths. I could see she was stuck and so I leaned over and asked her if she had taken the assessment. She said she had, so I told her to think about her assessment and that “money page.” She immediately began to list off her strengths.

From the group that took the assessments this past spring, we’ve seen quite a few of them change their majors in response to what they learned on their assessment.

It is a gift that our students have this opportunity to see how they are uniquely designed and to pursue careers where they can work in their design. I really think that our students will be better prepared when they graduate because we’ve been able to counsel them with this partnership with Career Direct. I’m so very thankful. 

We also received a note from the Dean of Students in regards to how the Career Direct assessment helped in choosing their Resident Assistant team:

We had the “good” problem of many qualified applicants for our student resident assistant open positions last year. The Career Direct Consultant on our staff offered to review the Career Direct summary survey information [from their assessments] with us in the Deans’ office to see if it could help us in any way. It was such a big help. With the quantifiable data disseminated through the survey results, some of the intangible “hunches” and general sense of the strengths of the candidates became concrete and clear. This led us to very confident choices and a well-rounded team of resident assistants with the maturity, skill set, and personality mix to serve our student population with excellence! We intend to employ this data tool each year moving forward.

Over 300,000 people have completed our personalized Career Direct Assessment. The assessment has been validated and tested as an extremely accurate tool designed for identifying someone’s unique Career Type. Additionally, our team of over 2,000 expert coaches has come alongside hundreds of professionals and students with insightful advice to help them find their perfect job fit.

If you feel you could benefit from the help of a Career Direct Consultant, or are interested in becoming a Consultant to help others, please click here.


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