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Empowering and Equipping Leaders Across the US

by Stephanie Anfinson April 16, 2024

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In March, we hosted our inaugural in-person Restoration Path training following the launch of our new program last October. Welcoming a diverse cohort of leaders representing various churches, ministries, and community-focused initiatives, including urban environments, pregnancy & youth centers, Young Life Men’s groups, and Native American reservations, among others, was incredibly gratifying.

Our primary objective was to empower these leaders with the tools and knowledge to effectively implement our Restoration Path program within their respective ministries. This program serves as a catalyst for individuals in need, aiding them in discovering their true identity and purpose, and unlocking their potential to make a positive impact.

During the training, two delegates from Native American reservations in Montana recognized the program’s potential to profoundly impact their communities. Inspired by this realization, they are eager to integrate the program into their organization’s framework. Furthermore, they have committed to hosting the next training session for leaders from partner organizations within the reservations in May. We are so excited to see the future impact of this program!


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