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DRC Children Make a Joyful Noise

by Stephanie Anfinson January 16, 2024

Mobali, our dedicated leader in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), is on a mission to establish the first Crown Stewardship Center in the region. His journey is remarkable, having overcome a past where he was taken from his home as a child and forced into being a child soldier. After escaping, Mobali found refuge at our Crown Stewardship Center in Malawi, where he lived, worked, and received training. During his time there, God planted a vision in his heart to return to the DRC and establish a Crown Stewardship Center.

While diligently working to raise funds for the land he aims to purchase, Mobali continues to train and share God’s stewardship principles with everyone he encounters. His outreach extends to training the wives of wounded soldiers who lack a source of income to support their families. Additionally, he has partnered with a secondary school that incorporates agriculture into its curriculum and a local university interested in receiving Foundations for Farming and African Money Map training.

Recently, we received a heartwarming video of Mobali singing and dancing with a group of children on New Year’s day. He collaborated with the UN Coordinator in the area to spread the love of Christ to underprivileged children in the community. We eagerly anticipate Mobali’s plans for the Crown Stewardship Center and are excited to host him in the U.S. in April. God is working through Mobali in incredible ways, and we look forward to providing updates on the progress of the CSC in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the months ahead.


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