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A Testimony of Faith and Perseverance

by Stephanie Anfinson May 14, 2024
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“We cannot begin to describe the freedom found in Christ and His principles.” 

Steve Turner’s life is a testament to the power of faith, financial discipline, and the transformative power of biblical stewardship principles. Steve’s early years were marked by the influential broadcasts of WMIT, a Billy Graham station. It was here that Steve first encountered the Crown Financial Ministries broadcast with Larry Burkett, setting the stage for a life-changing journey.

Steve recalls, “I would catch the ‘A Money Minute’ or some other snippet more than I had the opportunity to hear his actual program at the time, ‘Money Matters’, but the message rang home.” Over the years, these messages began to resonate deeply with Steve, and he slowly started to implement the biblical principles of financial stewardship into his life.

After years of familial and financial struggles, Steve made a bold decision to start anew. He moved to South Carolina, where he continued to apply the financial wisdom he had learned. “I started tithing and saving again as I had been taught,” he shares. This commitment to financial prudence and spiritual growth eventually led to new beginnings. In 2010, Steve’s life took a turn for the better.

He met his second wife at church, and together they embarked on building a life aligned with their beliefs. “We sold off all of our other assets, combined our households, and in 2017, moved to a small hobby farm,” Steve recounts. This move not only solidified their financial independence but also fulfilled a long-held dream.

In January 2024, Steve and his wife took another significant step by moving to a ranchette in Montana, fully paid in cash. Reflecting on this 25-year journey, Steve shares, “Now, my wife and I are living our dream debt-free, and we have nothing in our path to prevent us from doing God’s work.”

Steve’s story is not just about financial success but about the deeper joy and freedom found in living according to God’s principles. “We cannot begin to describe the freedom found in Christ and His principles,” he says. With plans to write a book detailing their experiences, Steve hopes to inspire others to embrace financial wisdom and trust in God’s timing.

Steve Turner’s life is a vivid illustration of God’s faithfulness and the practical impact of biblical financial principles. We hope his story encourages others to remain steadfast in their faith journey, emphasizing that with God, all things are possible.


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