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By teaching biblical principles and practical tools, we equip and coach individuals to find true freedom by helping them to use what they already have.

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Once someone recognizes their identity in Christ and understands that He has given them much for His use, a new freedom is found in their purpose for living. With that freedom, forward progress can be made past barriers and obstacles that no longer hinder faithful success.

Your gift helps us equip and coach individuals to find true freedom by teaching them how to use what they already have.


Learn more by watching this brief video about the Restoration Path project. 

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Together, we change lives for Christ.

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Most people do not understand God’s design for their lives. They go about their day facing insecurities and questioning, “Is there more to life than this? Who am I really? What is my purpose? Why does my friend have more than me?” It causes inner pain and confusion about who they are AND who the Creator is who made them. Individuals in underserved communities often don’t even have the luxury of asking such questions. They are busy, concerned with that day’s crisis.

Will you help us reach the people in need in Madagascar?

Your gift reaches the people of Madagascar by providing the resources they need to thrive in their own nation.

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Crown is in process of developing a “Next Steps” program that will involve our programs as well as other collaborating organizations. Our goal will be to support an individual as they move from “stability to flourishing”.  In addition to programs such as this one, our needs also include staffing, materials, travel and physical structures. If we are to be a light in we must have the right people with the right training on the ground. Will you help us equip others so that we can impact their lives?

Chuck Bentley
CEO, Crown

Your gift provides the resources we need to help others thrive.