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Redemptive Stewardship

A Devotional Journey

Six key areas of Redemptive Stewardship:

  • Resource Stewardship
  • Vocational Stewardship
  • Gospel Stewardship
  • Generational Stewardship
  • Business Stewardship
  • Environmental Stewardship

Through this 12-week journey, each week you will find: 

  • a biblically-based devotional thought
  • questions for reflection
  • the opportunity to set goals (with samples included)
  • 2 scriptures you can meditate on throughout the week
  • 4-5 tips you could apply
  • an inspiring quote from Crown founder Larry Burkett or current CEO, Chuck Bentley.

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Redemptive Stewardship

Without biblical stewardship, everything fails. With it, everything flourishes. From your money to your talents, job, family, business, even the natural resources around you – God has entrusted A LOT to your care. May He use the pages that follow to guide you to a deeper understanding of how He wants to use you and everything He has given you, during your time on earth.

Our Prayer for You
May you embrace the possibilities that exist when you truly surrender all that you are and all that you have to be His faithful steward. We pray that you will experience a peace, joy and freedom you did not know was possible. Our hope is that you will live a fulfilling and abundant life of purpose today, with even greater eternal rewards to come.