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You’re Richer Than Johnny Depp

Want to guess how much money Johnny Depp has made from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?! ……Somewhere around $650 million. Even though he’s made more money than you or I likely ever will, you’re probably a lot richer than he is.

Johnny Depp recently reported that he has $40 million of debt. Can you imagine?!

His lifestyle had gotten so out of control, his expenses were running about $2 million – every month!

While this actor’s story is heartbreaking, it’s a good reminder to live our own lives as faithful stewards. To not be distracted by the world’s goals or standards of success, no matter how much or how little debt you have, it is stressful. If you need a plan to get free from debt, check out our video series, ‘5 Steps to Debt-Free Living’ at