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Your Money Story

What’s your money story? We’ve all got one!

The problem most people have is NOT how they behave with money, it’s what they BELIEVE about it.

And our beliefs are formed through experience. Your money story is influenced by the home you grew up in. How did your parents or the adults in your home handle money?

Were they savers or spenders? Did they enjoy giving? Were bills paid on time or was there financial insecurity?  Did they buy you everything you wanted or did they expect you to work and save?

How about your peers? How have they influenced you? Do you have any addictions that control your finances?

You’re not alone in this journey – God’s involved too. He owns everything and provides for our needs even using difficult circumstances to accomplish His intentions, develop our character and guide us towards freedom.

Truth changes our beliefs and impacts our behaviors. It ultimately leads us to lasting transformation. But it doesn’t happen overnight.

The best way to develop new money habits is to start small and continue practicing over time. Start by saving a thousand dollars and building an emergency savings account.

God can change your beliefs and you can adopt new habits. Trust Him!

He can do abundantly more than you think or ask of Him because He wants to be part of your money story!

If overwhelming credit card debt is dictating your money story, I want you to get in touch with Christian Credit Counselors. They share our biblical values and are experts in debt counseling. They can help you change your money story and your future! Call the Crown Helpline at 800-722-1976 or online at