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You Need a Mentor

Do you have a mentor?

I’ve learned plenty from the people that God has put in my life, but I could have bypassed a lot of potholes if I had walked with an older, wiser mentor. Having someone I could meet with and learn from in recent years has helped me grow beyond what I could do myself. Henry Cloud describes a mentor as “…somebody who is where I want to be, or has been where I want to go, has done what I want to do, or in some other way is able to be my guide to get there.” The Bible has many examples of mentor relationships. Jethro counseled Moses. Moses advised Joshua. Jesus mentored the disciples, and Paul mentored Timothy.

Just like in the Bible, there are times in life when we all need someone to walk alongside us. An article from Forbes titled The Power of Mentorship says, “A mentor is simply someone who helps us get unstuck, a non-judgmental person who listens with an open mind to help us steer clear of the mistakes that they themselves made and wished that they had a mentor to help avoid. A mentor helps us accelerate our growth by showing us a clearer path with fewer distractions and obstacles. Think of it this way: When you climb a mountain, you’re thrilled to get to the top – but then you quickly look to that next peak and resolve to reach that summit. A mentor helps you to scale those upcoming peaks.” We need help to navigate this broken world. Ask God to reveal someone who can share Godly advice with you. Both of you will benefit! 

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