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You Need a Budget – Part 1

Whether we have inflation or a recession, you need a budget!

I recently reached out to my friend, Steve Brooks, at Steve’s a trained budget coach. For over 20 years he’s helped tens of thousands of people manage money from a Biblical perspective. Steve says there are three reasons why people don’t stay on a budget. They have wrong money beliefs, poor money behaviors, and no simple budgeting tool. He teaches clients that God’s the Owner of all they possess. They are stewards of His money and possessions. Unless they get this right, they’ll never become “good and faithful stewards” of God’s money and possessions.

A spending plan, or budget, helps them spend God’s money His way. Steve asks his clients two important questions. First, if I hired you as my money manager, how would you spend my money? Would you spend it any way that you want? Or would you ask me how I want you to manage my money? That’s the appropriate response for a money manager. Secondly, if you, as God’s steward, manage His money, how should you act? Should you spend His money any way that you want? If so, He might remove your money managing responsibilities. That’s what’s happened to the shrewd and dishonest steward in Luke 16. Or should you ask God to show you how He wants you to manage His money? This is how a good money manager should respond. When you recognize that everything belongs to the Lord, then you should desire to manage his resources wisely. Thanks, Steve, for reminding us that it’s all His!

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