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You Cannot Serve Both God And Mammon

Has money become a god in your life?

Most people will immediately say, “No.” But not so quick! Jesus said you cannot serve both God and money. The Aramaic word for “money” or “wealth” is mammon. Jacques Ellul, a famous French philosopher, said that Jesus considered money or mammon a type of god. Ellul wrote that money is something that, “acts by itself, is capable of moving other things, is autonomous, is a law unto itself, and presents itself as an active agent…Money has a spiritual meaning and direction.” And, you know what? The spiritual power of money exists in the hearts of everyone to one degree or another. Money attempts to give us meaning and purpose through buying and selling. Yet, the mindless accumulation of more and more and more can lead to the bankruptcy of our soul.

So, let’s get practical. Which do you consult first when making major decisions: God or money? Which has more influence over your decisions? Which one dominates your plans concerning where and how you’ll invest your life? Which one would you fear losing the most? You cannot serve both God and mammon. You’ll prioritize one over the other. Unless we guard our hearts, mammon will become the chief competitor for lordship over our lives. Our dependency must be on the true Provider – Jesus. He must be our only Master and money our slave. In gratitude for all He provides, let’s seek to steward it well – for our good and His glory.

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