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Worshiping Idols?

Idolatry comes in many forms…

We look at jealousy as a negative characteristic, but with God, it’s a righteous response. He’s the only One worthy of our worship and He told us to have no other gods before him. Most believers would admit that worshiping money or material possessions is unacceptable. Yet, where is our true dependence? It should be with God, not our bank accounts, our home, or career, but how many of us ignore our growing dependence on the government to solve our problems and provide for our needs? What percentage of citizens in the western nations today think that government is more important to their financial well being than God? When public policy is geared toward making people more dependent on government than on God, do you think He turns a blind eye? Do you think He’s incapable of making a government accountable to Him?

I look across the landscape of the West today and I see country after country foolishly piling on more debt and money printing – self-made “victims” of their own policies. They’ve rejected God and His financial principles, replacing Him with inventions of their own. For 150 years, U.S. currency has carried the motto, “In God We Trust.” It was a reminder placed there to point us away from placing our trust in money. God doesn’t have to send locusts to make His disapproval known; He can simply withhold His blessing. So choose this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house, we will serve and depend on the Lord!

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