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Worship God in All You Do

Do you ever feel like you worship your work,  work at your play, and  play at your worship?

This insight by Os Guinness is that probably many of us can relate to.

Work was created by God to supply our physical needs. But, rather than seeing it as a necessary evil, we can approach work as the place to exercise our God-given gifts and put those spiritual principles to practice. It’s where we look to the Lord, not man, for rewards.

Worship, has been defined this way …  “to honor with extravagant love and extreme submission.” Remember we are worshipping the Creator of the universe and He is owed this love and submission in all areas of our lives.

Work becomes worship when it’s not done for our own benefit, but as an offering to God. When our hearts are so intertwined with His, then our place of work is His place, where we live out our faith in word and deed.

Os Guinness says gifts are not for ourselves but for God. We are just stewards, managers, of all he has given us, including our time, talent, and money. That means we should use our resources for the benefit of others to glorify Christ.

So worship while you’re at work. Worship while you play. And worship while you worship.

Your work is worship, because God uniquely created you with special talents, interests, and personality. When you can connect your unique design to an actual career, it makes worshiping in your work all the better. If you’re struggling to know what your calling is, or are curious if you’re in the right job, I want you to take the Career Direct Assessment. It looks at all aspects of your personality to help you understand your God-given design, and purpose.