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Working In Retirement

A recent survey revealed that more than half of workers plan to work into retirement. Why? Financial concerns.

Retirement is a hot topic. French citizens protested President Macron’s plan to overhaul their pension system. They’re raising retirement age from 62 to 64.

Now many people don’t want to work longer, but here in the United States, we expect to work longer – and some assume they’ll never retire. Realistically, many don’t have the savings to do so. 

Survey respondents were asked at what age they expect to retire from all paid employment. Those from Turkey and China said age 58. America came in at age 66. Now that age is creeping up.

If we know God’s plan for our lives and we know what God has equipped us to do, our work can be very satisfying. It can provide the financial means to sustain us beyond retirement and to help us to grow in the Lord.

So take care of yourself. Reduce stress, eat right and exercise daily. Get good sleep, reduce your sugar intake and stop all vices.

Become the best employee, business owner or supportive spouse that you can be. Work diligently, as unto the Lord. Being diligent in financial matters requires honesty, purpose and resolve. As God’s stewards, we have to watch over even the smallest expenditure.

Be grateful and productive with the life God’s given you. Ask Him to renew your strength so you can enjoy working beyond retirement and glorify Him.

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