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Work is a Blessing

Work. Is it a necessary evil or do you see it as a blessing?

Work plays a significant role in our spiritual lives. Besides supplying our physical needs, it provides the opportunity to apply Biblical principles that would otherwise be mere academics.

We get to yield “our rights” to serve others and in that process, we bring glory to God.  We learn to identify with Jesus who came not to be served, but to serve.

So, don’t be duped into believing that work is a “secular” activity and that you shouldn’t feel spiritual about your job. This attitude will destroy your greatest area of Christian outreach and witness. Few, if any, Christians who view work as a chore have much of a witness on or off the job!

Guard your emotions at work. Don’t be resentful when others get recognized or receive a raise. Such feelings can lead you to believe that you’re “oppressed.” Instead, rejoice with them and learn how to improve your value.

Don’t view other employees as “competitors.” Those who resent others’ success, are hurt when not recognized, or use their job as their alter ego, suffer from idolatry – they are serving men not God.

Mankind will fail, but God never will. If you approach your job with the attitude that you must be recognized, you’ll frequently suffer disappointment.

Remember, you’re working for Christ who is fully aware of your achievements.

Thank Him for the opportunity to work. Confess your poor attitude and seek to restore relationships with those you’ve offended at the workplace.

Work is a blessing from God– steward it well!

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