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With God All Things Are Possible

My birthday is this month. 

I was born with complications at birth that caused the doctors to believe that I might not live. My parents called a prayer meeting with close family and friends and asked the Lord to spare my life. They surrendered me to God and were not surprised that one day He called me into his service. My journey was not a path on the straight and narrow. Managing money was always a challenge for me. I made many mistakes along the way. For years it looked like I was on track to become really rich or really poor! In God’s providence, He used Crown to pull me out of the financial bondage to the love of money that I had lived with for many years. He transformed my thinking, my desires, and my giant ego. He removed my desires for the world’s riches and caused me to seek after the true riches promised to those who love him and not money.

So today, I thank God for giving me life, for giving me purpose, and setting me on a new course. I hope and pray these radio programs are a blessing to you and your family.  If you’ve made mistakes, please know that God can redeem you. Just remember me! I was formerly foolish with money. I had no idea that God would transform my life in such a way that I would lead a global ministry helping others steward His resources. Only God could have done that. I’m living proof that with Him all things are possible!

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