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Wise or Foolish

It’s April Fool’s Day, did you know that the Bible addresses fools?

In Proverbs 21:20 we read:  Precious treasure and oil are in a wise man’s dwelling, but a foolish man devours all he has.

In ancient times, every wise family had olive oil. It was stored in pots or jars and used as a commodity of trade or personal income, for food, fuel for lamps, medicine, cosmetics, combined with perfumes and in offerings and rituals.

A good supply of oil was a sign of stability, blessing and prosperity. Like savings today, it was obtained and kept by prudent, frugal living.

To not have any oil was considered foolish because oil was a necessity.

Like the fools of old who totally consumed their supply of oil, many today are doing the same thing. They fail to save for the future or prepare for emergencies. They live for today without thought of tomorrow, bringing stress on themselves and loved ones.

Today, a record number of people are months behind in car payments. Rather than saving, driving grandma’s Buick, or shopping around to find the best rate, people are carelessly loading up on debt.

Often God wants us to wait for what we want or think we need so that we can see Him provide. If we go out and finance a new car, we miss the joy of seeing him provide a perfectly good used one or extend the life of the one we have.

Don’t get ahead of Him – you’ll miss out on blessings and may be called a fool!

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