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Wisdom is Caught, not Taught

Many of our decisions are caught – not taught.

This same principle is true of stewardship. We’re often not aware of the impact our example has on our children.

The Bible tells us that the way we handle money is a clear indicator of whether or not we can handle greater things. We, as parents, must intentionally be good stewards of everything that God gives us, because it not only impacts our lives but more importantly our children’s future.

One of the greatest things we can model is self-discipline. Saving, shopping for the best prices, and not giving in to every desire is a way of demonstrating wise money management.

We guard ourselves from greed and coveting by living a life of gratitude and contentment no matter what kind of situation we find ourselves in. Expressing thankfulness for your job, your food, the clothes you wear, the home you live in, the car you drive, your city, schools, church, and family will impact the lives of your children.

Involve the entire family on decisions about giving so they can participate in the joy of helping others. Donating their own toys or possessions is a simple way of teaching them about sacrificial giving early on.

God cares about the way we handle money. It’s an indicator of the condition of our heart.

So, live in such a way that you teach financial faithfulness diligently to your children, when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise. And, pray it catches hold in their hearts.

Make sure they’re aware of your spiritual and financial habits. Crown has an online study that takes a deep dive into what the Bible says about your money and how to live everyday as a steward. Talk to your children about what you learn in the course and how it’s affecting the decisions you make or attitudes you have. Enroll in the study today!